Template Extended CGI Form Mailer (TECForM) 2.0

Template Extended CGI Form Mailer (TECForM) 2.0

Welcome to the primary European TECForM site

Tecform 2.0 is a CGI script that allows the mailing of a completely template specified Mime compliant mail through an HTML mailform.

It lets you specify within the mail form (in so called hidden fields) a template in which different fields of the form are filled in. This way the output format of the mail can be exactly specified.

Tecform allows you to specify within the form which fields of the form are manditory an which are not. So you will not recieve a mail if the form is not completely filled in with all the information that you need.It also has the posibility of specifiing regular expressions for fields, and setting error messages or documents that are called when a regular expression or a manditory field is not OK

If you ar running a WWW site you will notice that a lot of questions can be awnsered by TECForM, you will find out that TECForM will awnser most of your mailing needs. TECForM can save you hundreds of programming hours on different CGI scripts that need to output mail, with TECForM you can configure this one CGI script to meet your wishes from within the form that is used to call the script. This makes TECForM certanly one of the most flexible mail cgi scripts arround, and what is better you get it free.

TECForM can be used for all types of use, both comercial and non commercial without charge, it fals under the GNU General Public Licence. (please note that the source of the 2.0 version states an aditional obligation that states you should shadow tecform, you can now ignore this)

For questions and support mail (or if you wish to be notified when a the newer version is downloadable): rmeijer@xs4all.nl

If you already are using TECForM, you can look whats new

Download TECForM

Before Downloading TECForM you should check out What you need to be able to run TECForM
You can get TECForM HERE


You can find the TECForM documentation files HERE and you can look at a few example forms

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Comming Up


The TECForM project is currently virtually inactive, it is verry low on my priority list of GPL projects, meaning that I have not spent any time on it for some years now, and it will probably remain inactive for multiple years. If you however believe that TECForM should have a more prominent place on my priority list, making a donation to the project will surely prompt me to spent a substancial amounth of time on TECForM 3.0.


Although TECForM will probably meet all the needs that you can have for a WWW to E-Mail gateway, for some purposes a more 'light weight' gateway may be in place. Some places where you can find such 'light weight' alternatives are:
TECForM is designed and written by Rob J Meijer