Maintenance only tools

The folowing scripts I wont do any more major improvements on other than maintenance arising from bugreports or contributed patches.

Other scripts and tools that may yet make it back to my todo list

I try to keep at most 5 active projects on my todo list, the folowing list is kind of a list of potential candidates that could make it to the lowest ranks of my todo list. The following list is not actively being worked on at the moment. I am however interested in hearing from you if you have any thoughts on what inactive project should in your opinion be the first of this list to make it back to the bottom of my active todo list, please feel free to let me know If no person asks me to considder working on the folowing projects, changes are they will be completely abandoned. If for some reason you believe it to be crucialy important to allocate time to the abouve projects, please considder making a donation to the project. For each euro donated I will allocate at least 10 minutes of my time to the specific project.